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If you’re here because you just got engaged to the love of your life and are ready to find your luxury wedding team with a badass vibe, then you’re home! But more specifically, if you're on this exact page on the net, you’re ready to learn why you can't go without a                                 .
I remember my wedding day fondly, but ultimately there are some things I’d have done differently and one (and maybe only) of those is not having a designated wedding day wing woman a.k.a. Day-of-Coordinator. My mom ended up steaming my dress, my entire wedding party set up decor, my sister did my hair and make up, and I inadvertently ended up going bridezilla on a member of the next wedding party because I thought their decor would show in my family portraits (cringe).

What I wish I remembered instead: being pampered with my wedding party and family, laughing with my loved ones while we took photos, and knowing I had a coordinator in my corner to make sure boutonnieres had been pinned, every last decor piece placed, vendor questions answered, and all the party members present for fun! I vow to be that coordinator in YOUR corner. So, welcome, let's be besties!

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please fill out the contact form below for pricing information.


please fill out the contact form below for pricing information.

What is the difference between a wedding coordinator and wedding planner?

This question can be tricky for some and the answer might be different for each company you inquire with. At The MWC it means we leave the initial planning, final decisions and details up to our couple but execute them on your behalf. We want you to be able to relax and partake in all the plans you've made while being confident your vision is coming to life around you!

What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding day coordinator?

The short answer, the venue coordinator is our “left hand person” and best point of contact for all things wedding weekend. It truly takes a village and they are an integral part of the vendor team! They understand the ins and outs of their venue best and often share some of the property’s best features, tips, and tricks with us! But, it is your Day of Coordinator who will know your wedding best! Your DOC will know that granny should be served dinner first after the couple, when and how many flowers should arrive on site, that the DJ shouldn't forget to play your favorite throwback, and things like the Father of the Bride planning a special surprise! Essentially, we run your wedding the way you would run it, if you weren't busy having the time of your life!

What are the benefits of having you as my wedding coordinator? What sets you apart?

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”. But, have you heard the rest of that saying? It goes like this - “A Jack of all trades is master of none, but ofttimes better than a master of one.” That is exactly what you’re getting when you choose The MWC team and our coordination services. As a former educator, stay at home mom, military wife, and the daughter of an oilfield man I’ve moved around often, experienced many things, and held many jobs so I wear the Jane of many trades crown very proudly and have learned to coexist with the infamous “Murphey” quite well! Oh, and did I mention how much I like to have fun? You’ll get everything mentioned, a luxury experience, AND have a blast with us!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, PayPal, Zelle, and all major credit cards! Your invoice allows you to set up automated credit card payments for your convenience! 

I don’t need all of the coordination services offered, can I customize them?

It is SO important to us that your day/weekend exudes the energy and personalities of our couples. While our package pricing is set and designed to maximize the likelihood of that, we are open to making adjustments when and where we can. Want to go above and beyond? Send us an inquiry! 

How much communication will we have?

Unlimited communication! Well, almost unlimited! Our number one priority is to be there for you during crunch time. We want to make any bumps in the road feel lighter and make your smiles and giggles much brighter! But seriously, texts and emails with appropriate allowance for receipt and response time are always welcome!

How early / when should I hire a wedding day coordinator?

We added coordination services because we truly believe they make all the difference when executing events. Just realizing you want a DOC? We can add coordination services up until 30 days prior to your wedding, depending on the availability of our coordination team, so snag ‘em early!

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