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If you’re here because you are engaged to the love of your life and you are in need of a
cinematic guru willing to travel, then you are in the right place. Our couples often tells us that the one thing they remember most about their wedding day is how comfortable and happy they were. They trusted that we would care for them and make sure they had everything they needed to be present and joyful on their wedding day and in their videos! They also remembered a few ninja moves and the fact that we aren't just film makers.

Throughout your wedding planning process, you will find friends in The Collective. The friendships and experiences that we’ve created with our couples last far beyond the wedding day and we believe that’s how it should be! We’re excited for you to keep scrolling down to learn more about what being an #MWCBRIDE or #MWCGROOM truly means and how we can provide you that one of a kind experience you are looking for.

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Love Notes



please fill out the contact form below for pricing information.


please fill out the contact form below for pricing information.

Can we pick our own wedding video music?

One of Michael's specialties is choosing music for your video! It allows for his creativity to flow and the opportunity to match music to your wedding day rather than try to make your video fit into a particular song that we don't have the license to! If you have a special request, we will certainly make it happen for you, but as a general practice, we provide music with a license that embodies the emotions you feel on your own wedding day! 

How many videographers will be at my wedding day?

You will have two videographers on your wedding day. The second videographer is on an as-needed basis. So if you extend your wedding day coverage, it may not include a second videographer for open dance coverage.

Do you record the vows?

Yes, we do! If you do a first look with a vow or letter reading, you will receive a separate bonus video with just your vows. If you exchange them during your ceremony, they will be included in your ceremony film. 

What is the turn around time for films?

You will receive your sneak peek within a week of your wedding and the rest of your films within 30 days of your wedding day. We know, super fast, right?

Can I have the raw footage from my wedding day?

Raw video files from a wedding day is messy, requires expensive programs to view, and looks like a flat-watered-down image. We promise you don't want that. Instead, we offer organized folders of color graded clips of your wedding day. So instead of the raw file, you are receiving a viewable version of each raw moment from your wedding day curated into a file folder. As you can imagine, this takes extra time, so this is considered an upgrade, but we know you invested a lot in your day, so the upgrade is only $400.

Do we really need photography and videography?

We believe whole-heartedly the answer is yes. Photos and videos play two very different roles in capturing your wedding day. As photographers, we are your second set of eyes, capturing everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Growing your gallery with your friends, family, love, and portraits. It allows you remember all the special moments and witness ones you may not have seen with your own two eyes. A video however, is a curated live experience that allows you to relive the emotion, hear the words, and just about feel the butterflies floating around in your stomach! 

Do you set up distracting lighting?

We try to be as discreet as possible on your wedding day, while still providing you the best product possible. Sometimes, that means bringing in a little extra lighting. We keep it as minimal as possible and use natural light when ever it's available. Lighting on stands will be used at the reception, but can stay off to the side of the dance floor. We are always careful to not capture the light stands in your films or gallery.

Do you get along with outside photographers?

Although we do prefer to work as a team, we absolutely get along with other photographers! This is a great question to ask both photographer's and videographers because it is such a shared space on a wedding day. We know your photographer has a job to do as well, and we are there to support each other. 

What's the best timeline for an epic wedding film?

We follow your photographer's timeline! With that being said, the best timeline starts 1.5 hours before you get ready and ends about 30 minutes into open dancing. The more events you have during the day, the stronger (and longer) your highlight film will be. We recommend a first look timeline with family and friends helping you get ready, unique ceremony events, and a variety of backgrounds and time for portraits. For your reception, we recommend all the events, special dances, and games you can fit into your evening while still allowing 30 minutes of open dance. Cut the cake, play the scavenger hunt, and have all your guests dance in the middle of the circle. You won't regret it.  

Do you record audio throughout the day?

We record audio throughout your day on multiple devices. A lapel mic, worn by the groom, the DJ's sound board, and on backup recorders catching the ambiance of the day. We specifically record your vow/letter reading, first looks, ceremony, and speeches/toasts. If you would like something else specific, please let us know.

Do bride's wear lapel mics? 

Unless the bride is wearing a suite that can hide the gear, brides do not wear a mic. We find that the groom and officiant's mic do the job wonderfully. 

Do you direct us for posing?

Typically, we follow the lead of your photographer so that you don't need to look in our direction. Remember, we want to get those candid moments! If it is MaeWood, you are in great hands. If we are working with a different photographer and don't get the shots we need to make your film epic, we will kindly ask to guide you for your video footage but be sure to not look at the video camera unless specifically instructed to! 

What films do I get on my wedding day?

Your investment comes with the following. Sometimes, more... but never less. 

30 Second Sneak Peek
4-8 Minute Highlight Film
Full Ceremony Film
Speech + Toast Film

Do we get to choose the music for our highlight film?

If you have a specific genre or feel in mind, we will absolutely respect your wishes when it comes to choosing songs. However, popular songs you are used to singing along to in the car are extremely expensive to license and using them can impact how you share or enjoy watching your films. Instead, we pay for subscriptions to copyright music that we find fits the vibe of your wedding day and enhances the story being told through your film.